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Cannabis Massage Oil

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You really shouldn't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat. Why? Because the skin absorbs its ingredients, especially oils. In fact, joints (at least the most superficial joints) can absorb oils too, and cannabinoids are oil soluble. In other words, massage oil can carry the anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities of cannabis into your joints and skin - directly, without need of inhalation or ingestion.

Medical Intuitive Edgar Cayce recommended use of peanut oil - applied copiously to the joint area on a daily basis - to treat arthritis. I have seen this work on folks with debilitating arthritis. So why not also add some cannabis to strengthen the effect? I usually use my leaves for this recipe, but you can use the buds too (for stronger effect.) (Cayce also said that olive oil was like "food to the skin".)

Fill up stew pot half way with leaves. Cover leaves with equal parts of oil and water. Boil for 15 minutes stirring regularly. (Cannabinoids vaporize at temperatures much higher than water boiling temps so you won't be cooking off your medicine.) Strain out leaves, perhaps rinsing them off with a little more water over the stew pot and then discard leaves. Allow water/oil mix to cool some and then pour into tupperware containers and transfer to your freezer. Water and oil with separate. Scrape medicinal oil off top and discard water.

This oil can be used as a massage oil or incorporated into edibles in the same way any cooking oil might be used.

As far as which oil to use, it depends on how you plan to use it. I like peanut oil because it's great for joints (especially hands, elbows, knees and feet) and it compliments most food recipes. For skin I like olive oil and coconut oil. Both are great for dry, irritated skin and contribute their own flavor to foods. (Think cannabis pesto or cannabis coconutty chocolate brownies.)

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